A multifaceted, full-service electrical contractor serving New York City’s industrial, public works, and utility sectors

A certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), C.B. Mills Electric offers expert execution in all-phases of electrical work, and has specialized experience with fiber optic communication systems, fire alarm installation + testing, and servicing generator utility plants.


C.B. Mills Electric, founded by Joidy Moronta, is proud to serve New York City’s five boroughs, forging key electrical and communications infrastructure that enables our city to thrive.

With extensive experience working in cogeneration plants and powerhouses, C.B. Mills Electric is dedicated to building and connecting the strongest foundation possible for the resources New Yorkers rely upon everyday.

As our communities and lives become increasingly connected, we place additional demands on electrical and communication systems, requiring upgrades and maintenance by skilled teams like C.B. Mills Electric, to ensure we continue to stay one step ahead of New York City’s needs.

Decades of experience and continued investment in innovating our own skillsets drive our teams to stay ahead of the curve of demand, and ensures we offer the highest quality craftsmanship for all projects.

Note from the President

“Eventually, I realized that I had become an expert.”

Curiosity drives me. Since I can remember I’ve been driven to know how does that work?  And more importantly, why does it work?

Growing up in Brooklyn, I found a certain beauty in the industrial and a sense of awe as I watched buildings go up and come down in meticulously paced phases.

I took this appreciation with me as I began my journey to forge stronger, faster connections for my city when I first entered the electrical industry over 20 years ago.

My curious devotion and deep pride in my work fueled me to learn more, think critically, and bring expert analysis to every task I encountered, with an eye towards how it works with the whole of the system.

Eventually, I realized that I had become an expert in electrical, power, and communication infrastructure. So, I founded C.B. Mills Electric, and curated my teams based on experience and a common drive to build a better connected New York City.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, or to request we bid on a project, please feel free to reach out.  I look forward to hearing from you.


All Phases of Electrical

  • Installation of lighting and power infrastructures
  • Upgrades and maintenance repairs to lighting and power infrastructures
  • Electrical, lighting, and power needs for renovations and new construction

Utility / Generator Power Plants

  • Expert experience with cogeneration plants and powerhouses, including controls and substation upgrades, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Emergency backup systems, emergency generator installation, and lighting UPS
  • Weatherization upgrades, maintenance and emergency repairs

Fiber Optic Telecommunication Systems

  • Installation and testing of fiber optic infrastructure
  • Upgrades to fiber optic infrastructure
  • Communication systems and PA systems installation, testing, and upgrades

Fire Alarm Installation + Testing

  • Fire alarm system installation and testing.

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Certified by NYC Small Business Services and Empire State Development Corp as MBE.

Pre-qualified to perform work with NYC School Construction Authority


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